Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Common & Plantar Wart Remover, 7 ct.

Didn't work..., October 13, 2014
Didn't work on plantar (foot) warts

great, September 12, 2014
great product highly recommended to family and friends. so far so good

One Star, August 25, 2014
didn't work not as described.

Three Stars, August 4, 2014
No positive results on hands

The best!, February 8, 2014
My dog had a wart and the vet told me it needed to be froze off and it worked great after one application, the dog felt nothing I observed no flinching or anything, it was fast and safe.
I also used it on some skin tags I had on my neck and axillary area and it works great the skin healed real smooth.

Works but takes several applications in my experience, January 27, 2014
I found that you can pretty much throw away the instructions that come with this product. The amount of time they say to hold the applicator on your wart is useless. You must hold it there for a minute or longer for the product to work at all then it takes several applications over time (about a week apart in my case) for the wart to be completely gone. I had to buy a second kit because the first wasn't enough.

You must hold it on longer and at differant angles for skin tags., August 10, 2013
The Dr Scholls Freeze Away works great on skin tags, but with skin tags and warts that you have had for awhile or they are medium and large in size, you must hold the applicator on for around 45-50 seconds, and apply at different angles.
On my couple of medium and one large skin tag, I applied the Freeze Away at the base, on one side, then the other, then top, and finally on bottom.
I also tied my skin tags off with dental floss.
My medium skin tags only took one application, then after tied off at base for 3-4 days, they were able to be snipped off with no to very little blood.
You could leave medium skin tags tied until they fall off, but when they turn a dark purple, they can be snipped off with little to no pain or blood.
My large skin tag, I had to treat 4 times with the Freeze Away, treating every 2-3 days, each time side to side, top and bottom, I tied it off after each application and after the forth time is was ready to be snipped off.
But know that if you apply the Freeze Away all the way around the base of your skin tags like I did, you will feel a burning/sting sensation for a little while.
But it will work on skin tags, I am now skin tag free after having them for years.
And Freeze Away is a lot cheaper then going to see a doctor.
Oh and its helps to have another person tie off the skin tags so the dental floss is good and tight.
Dr Scholls Freeze Away worked great for me.

Did not work, April 9, 2013
It seemed like it would be effective, but the wart just kept coming back in one area and never worked in another.
It just left my skin raw.

Great wart removing product., December 19, 2012
If you're looking to removing that unsightly wart within a week then look no further than Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Common & Plantar Wart Remover.

Dr. Scholl`s Freeze Away, October 18, 2012
Dr. Scholl`s Freeze Away is an excellent product and can be used for many different things. It arrived on time, good service.