Spring Valley Milk Thistle 4:1 Concentrated Extract 1,000 mg - 90 Softgels

Spring Valley Milk Thistle 4:1 Concentrated Extract 1,000 mg - 90 Softgels

Product Description

Derived from a purple flower, milk Thistle helps maintain healthy liver functions. Milk Thistle contains antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals may contribute to the premature aging of cells. Q: What is the MG amount of silymarin in each capsule ? A: This milk thistle product does not standardize silymarin; however, it may naturally occur in the plant material. Since this is not a standardized product, silymarin is not listed on the label and therefore, we do not guarantee its amount. Q: Is this product manufacvtured as a "STANDARDIZED" OR "FINGERPRINTED"? A: Spring Valley Milk Thistle is not a standardized extract. This is a concentrated herbal extract. Herbal extracts are derived from the processing of the constituents of the herbs into a liquid form. All the constituents of the herb except for the plant fiber are transferred to a concentrated liquid form. This concentrate is either dried to make tablets, encapsulated, or is provided as a liquid.

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Five Stars, July 20, 2014
Fast delivery and product as described.

WILL BUY AGAIN, July 18, 2014

Four Stars, July 10, 2014
Quality product and delivered as promised.

Unable to use, July 6, 2014
Shipping was fast as always but the soft gels inside were melted together in the bottle. Unable to use. I will see if they replace the bottle.

Four Stars, July 1, 2014

It has soybean oil and other ingredients that are not necessary., June 9, 2014
I thought I was ordering something healthy. I received the bottles and the extra ingredients were a turn off. It contains Glelatin,Soybean oil,Glycerin,Caramel color,Soy Lecithin,Titanium Dioxide Color. I wont be taking these. I ordered another brand that has just the stuff i want in it...no extra ingredients. Spring valley didn't specify if it was GMO free. I was concerned when I saw soy in the ingredients. The other brand I ordered specified GMO free. It cost 3 bucks more to get one with no additives.

Very easy to swallow, great for my liver and hangover symptoms, June 7, 2014
These pills are ultra smooth and slender, extremely easy to swallow, and utterly tasteless and odorless. Very happy with them, will definitely be buying milk thistle from Spring Valley again.

I'm getting near 30 and my liver just isn't what it used to be. I've noticed lately that I feel abnormally intoxicated after just one beer, and painfully hungover all the next day even after a fairly tame night. So, I decided to start taking supplements to improve my liver function, and it's made an immediate and profound difference. I feel like my body is normal again, processing alcohol as it should.

The other supplements I've been taking are N-Acetyl Cysteine (sometimes shortened to NAC) and Garlic Extract. I also take a variety of antioxidants, the type of stuff you'd get from any good multivitamin. Works like a charm - I don't feel like I'm wasted after just a few drinks and I have zero hangover symptoms after moderate drinking, like 2 beers + 2 drams of whisky through 4 hours, for example.

Cheaper elsewhere, May 23, 2014
You can find the exact same Milk Thisle 1000mg twin pack at Walmart for $11.00. Don't waste your money paying twice as much here

My Wife swears by this stuff, May 16, 2014
My wife loves this stuff, It is so much cheaper buying it here than Nutrition Express or the GNC Store

Read the label, May 16, 2014
I didn't read the ingredients closely enough. When the product arrived I found that there was soybean oil in the capsules. I have an allergy or am sensitive to soy which shows itself in painful joints. In any case, I would have returned the product but the shipping was too expensive. This was a good lesson for the future.