HeadBlade The Groomster Manicure Set

HeadBlade The Groomster Manicure Set

Product Description

The Groomster Welcome to HeadBlade world. Sure, they don't have HeadBlade "everything" but we all do need to keep our nails looking good (or at least clean). The Groomster, a very tasteful, and great quality set, contains clippers that really clip, a file that really files, and scissors that really...hmmm...cut (scis isn't a word); you get the point. And yeah, there's this odd shaped tool (cuticle cleaner) that has a "v" shape at the end. It's for cutting cuticles and boy, is it sharp. Really sharp. Like cutting through butter. The last utensil is an ear cleaner. Just because. Embossed leather-like material with zipper closure. This thing is ready to travel.

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Good quality but the clippers need work., October 11, 2014
Everything but the nail clippers are great. The clippers however are too short to provide proper leverage for tougher things like toe nails. I would not recommend

Recommended, October 9, 2014
For the price, it's nice enough.

The zipper of the case it's not durable, the closed zip is opening easily with hand but generally its nice.

Great product for the price!, September 30, 2014
A little smaller than I thought, but it's a great little product. Very solid and works great! No problems with it and I would recommend it to everyone! Two thumbs up!!

I purchased them just so I could have these handy when I finish getting dirty and need to clean up for a formal occasion, September 18, 2014
I'm a typical guy, had no idea what any of these tools were actually used for. I purchased them just so I could have these handy when I finish getting dirty and need to clean up for a formal occasion. After searching reviews here and youtube videos to find out what I'm actually supposed to do with all these things, I have to say, they are worth the couple bucks. Yes, the v-shaped tool (after having absolutely no idea what that was for, is used to cut that rough cuticle skin off (again, didn't really know what a cuticle was or how this tool was used at first, but now I can say it works incredibly well).

Four Stars, September 11, 2014
cheap but not bad at all

Poor case/broken zipper., September 8, 2014
The zipper on the case was broken when I took it out of the packaging. No response from the manufacturer to correct the problem.

great product, September 6, 2014
great little kit, dont be suprised by the price

Great compact little manicure set, August 29, 2014
Great compact little manicure set. Cannot be beat for the price. Although it's a relatively "cheap" set, it feels anything but. There's a quality weight to all the tools and they work great!

Five Stars, August 25, 2014
Great little kit for carrying in pocket or purse. Tools seem to be of good quality.

Five Stars, August 18, 2014
great travel kit