HeadBlade The Groomster Manicure Set

HeadBlade The Groomster Manicure Set

Product Description

The Groomster Welcome to HeadBlade world. Sure, they don't have HeadBlade "everything" but we all do need to keep our nails looking good (or at least clean). The Groomster, a very tasteful, and great quality set, contains clippers that really clip, a file that really files, and scissors that really...hmmm...cut (scis isn't a word); you get the point. And yeah, there's this odd shaped tool (cuticle cleaner) that has a "v" shape at the end. It's for cutting cuticles and boy, is it sharp. Really sharp. Like cutting through butter. The last utensil is an ear cleaner. Just because. Embossed leather-like material with zipper closure. This thing is ready to travel.

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Nice little kit, July 16, 2014
My husband had been wanting a manicure set so I bought this one for him. He is very pleased. Nice little kit!

Fine for the Price, July 11, 2014
As stated by the other reviews, you get what you pay for. The tools are sharp, but a little flimsy and they're fine for occasional light use. If you're a compulsive cuticle groomer, though, look elsewhere.

Very nice manicure set, July 6, 2014
Bought this for my 20-something son and he loves it. Really nice set and appears to be of good quality.

Serviceable but not excellent, July 3, 2014
Sadly this kit was disappointing. It is very small and portable, the zippered case helps avoid the problem my current kit has with tools falling out.
Sadly with the exception of the cuticle trimmer I was disappointed. The nail clippers seemed sharp enough but left my finger nails in desperate need of filing and left me fearing they would split. The nail file was a little too small to wield with any sort of finesse and even the nicely sharp cuticle trimmer was a little on the short side. I realize they are small to fit into the case but it made them much less easy to use.

Love this!, June 30, 2014
This is the best little manicure set. The case is perfect to keep everything tidy and fits in any bag. The implements are fabulous and work great.

Nice kit, June 28, 2014
I wanted something that fits on the shelf in the medicine cabinet or in my travel bag. This did the trick nicely.

It's well designed and the tools are certainly a good value for the dollar - I've seen more expensive kits that had components not this nice. It has a nice compact design, so it doesn't take much space on the shelf or in my bag.

The scissors are quite nice - I have big fingers and still found them comfortable to use. The tweezers were certainly adequate. The nail file was nice. I like the folding blade design and the tip is perfect for cleaning the nails. I've never been one to clean the cuticles, but I might just have to have my wife show me the ropes. I gather the last utensil is to clean your ears - we'll see about that one.

All in all, a nice kit, reasonably priced. I expect it will hold up to good use.

Perfect, June 28, 2014
Love it. Wonderful quality at a great price. What more could you ask for?

Wonderful quality!, June 19, 2014
Perfect size, just as a expect to be! Sometimes it's difficult to buy this kind of stuff online, this one you will love it.

Probably deserves more stars, June 13, 2014
I'm on the fence... As a travel grooming kit, it's got everything I need and it all seems functional. The nail clippers have a bit of an odd feel, but function fine. After a few months, the kit is holding up well. Judged on function, everything in the kit is fine. The parts feel a little cheap in some ways, but they hold up fine and work well so it's tough to complain.

Implements are too small., June 10, 2014
These implements are too small and delicate for a man. The nail clippers in particular are to small. The cuticle cutter handle is just made of plastic. Overall, the set appears to be cheaply made.